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A. Eiden, G. Lever, J. Loh and A. Nicolas

MedImmune Mentor: B. Agoram
CUTEC Advisor: P. Zulaica

Building a Business Case
for more in silico modelling
in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Team Leader Email: gl319 at

Initial Ideas

Ideas generated so far here

Initial presentation slides and ideas in pdf form here and in powerpoint form here. The final twelve slides are the bare-bones of the presentation whilst the slides before are general ideas the team has suggested.

Interesting literature can be found here


11 AM Saturday 12 March - Department of Materials and Metallurgy: Meeting Outside John Lewis, MAP
Aim: to have a bare-bones idea of presentation by the end of this meeting and know what sections we are going to work on as individuals and which sections we will present.

4 PM Wednesday 16 March - Small Lecture Theatre, Cavendish Laboratory. Meeting in Cavendish Laboratory Main Reception, MAP
Aim: to run through the slides we have generated with the people who will be presenting them and to adapt the presentation and ideas based on any criticisms or suggestions from Pablo and Balaji if they are able to attend.

5 PM Thursday 17 March *TBC* - Department of Materials and Metallurgy: Meeting Outside New Museums Site Downing St/Pembroke St Entrance MAP
Aim: Run through the presentation in its final form and make any last-minute tweaks
Get to Engineering Department LR4 by 6 PM, strictly ten minutes are allowed for each group presentation.
Proceedings aim to finish at 8.30 PM.


6 PM Thursday 17 March 2011 - Engineering Department
Ten minute presentation giving up to three ideas to a panel of three key MedImmune figures.

Lab Tour

8.00 AM Friday 18 March: Bus from Cambridge Train Station
Tour around MedImmune Research & Development site in Cambridge.
Bus back to Cambridge Train Station at 11.30 AM.


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